Day 01 - It’s a Pebble! x)

So to start off my new tumblr, I decided to throw down a quick rant :)

Well my names Steven Bizarro, I’m 22, and what I like to call a fallen artist. At this point in my life I’m not sure what I should do or where I’m headed. But one thing I can guarantee about my future is, I dam sure will inspire beyond all thought when i get there.

That’s my goal and a promise. 

I don’t blog, so this is ridiculously new to me in many ways. So why the creation of a tumblr you ask? Well, I’m creating this blog for one purpose and one purpose only. >:| 

And that’s hopefully to jump start my mental state through a dedicated art blog on study and creativity. This will be something of a daily exercise “wake-up call”, to keep me focused in moving forward in my craft.

So to start off, with every coming day, I plan to throw down a quick or time consuming, big or small, a heavily detailed or simple, colored or not piece of art that pushes my knowledge, creativity and skill to create and reach levels I could have never dreamed of.   

First Piece of the Day

This is a concept art for a game making forum I’m a part of. It’s a Rock type monster that carries a stone above his head to fend off enemies. This piece actually stressed me out more then it should have cause I couldn’t get his right hand correct. Still not truly satisfied with the final outcome, but I’ve been teaching myself to avoid getting stuck on small things things for too long. I’ve noticed If you take too long to finish a piece, you most likely wont ever get around to completing it. Also, it was just a concept art -_- so straight out, stress’in way too much over something that’s just used for reference is just plain ridiculous haha xP


  • Title: Pebble Dude
  • Time: 1 hr & a half
  • Lesson: Blending and shadows
  • Note: Don’t stress on concept art 

Rock Monster Concept Art


Art #02 & #03 - Dedication You! >:(

Today I realized that staying dedicated to this ArtBlog is gonna be a lot more tougher then I first realized. Some people are just naturally busy, and responsible for shit. So of course things get pushed back, stuff get’s forgotten and before you know it. It’s the Next Day. And your ArtBlog has skipped a day and is late another xP

Lets try not to allow that to happen anymore x/

Art #03 / Aug29,2010

Today I choose to finish up a commissioned ConceptART I really need to get done.

  • Title: Drake
  • Time: 2hr
  • Lesson: Artistic Blending (Well thats what I like to call it :D)
  • Note: This was just a really fun piece to do. I’m 100% positive the wings are wrong….but I really don’t feel like fixing them x) Still a lot I can finalize, but it would be unnecessary as I’m going to have to re-size it to a much smaller resolution size anyways. :P


Art #02 / Aug28,2010

Today I decided to go with a Copy Art exercise (which is basically finding an image and copying it to the best of my abilities)

This piece I choose to use as my copy art reference is of some Asian Actress, (or I think she’s an asian actress x) ) She was in an Ad of a Beautiful Peoples website. She’s ridiculously adorable in this picture so I wanted so badly to capture that in my copy art.

  • Title: My Fail at A Gorgeous Asian Girl
  • Time: 2 hrs ( once 2 hrs hit I just…I just stopped..sad -_- )
  • Lesson: Sketch a proportioned face first! Make sure image is readable x(
  • Note: I realized fairly quickly after starting it that the reference image was way too small a resolution for me to copy it accurately. This made distinguishing small details impossible, and left a lot to my knowledge of what should be where. But with that came small subtle changes, and ultimately the loss in the beauty of why I choose the CopyArt in the first place. I had to re-size and shape her face soo much that it was killing me….so after 2 hrs of what looks like I could have done in 30 mins….I just quit xP Fail

My Fail at Gorgeous Asian Girl


Art #04 & #05 - Second Times a Charm Mrs Perry ;)

Once again late with a post -_- …..come on steven 

Art #05 / Aug31,2010

Today’s piece is another commissioned gameart, I really have to get these done. Yes it is cheating to use my study time to do Freelance Work, But…..Idc ;)

  • Title: Serpent
  • Time: 2hrs - ONGOING
  • Lesson: Artist Blending, Color complements and LineArt to Color Stage. Gettin the real hang of these :D
  • Note: This piece turned from something I really dreaded workin on to something I’m completely enjoying! I think I will make this piece a 2 day piece so I can continue working on it 2morrow as well. :) Process below - LineART - Base Colors - Artist Blending

Steven B. - Serpent  Monster

Art #04 / Aug30,2010

For this piece I tried to redeem myself by attempting another CopyArt facial study. This picture used is of the gorgeous Katy Perry who looks fckin ridiculously adorable rockin the 60’s & 70’s iconic POPArt, a surprised emotion. :D 

  • Title: Katy Perry POPArt
  • Time: 2 hrs.
  • Lesson: A sketch helped a lot more for proportions, though not much more x(
  • Note: Dude, this piece killed me. I guess I just need a lot more practice on my paintin & blendin skills. I attempted a well detailed sketch to start me off, (didn’t help much that I just wasn’t in the mood to draw :/ ) and with that I threw over top my colors and worked at them. I didn’t have to correct my proportions as much as the horrific fail of an asian girl 2 days ago, but still struggled to an identical duplicate. One Day… :/

Steven B Katy Perry CopyART


Art #06 - Shitty Concept Art 4 you! :D

Sep01, 2010

This piece was quick shit concept for a Game forum i’m part of. What more can I say, it’s quick, it’s shitty,its un-original & it’s just for you :)

  • Title: The Brutes
  • Time: 20 mins XD
  • Lesson: Nothing really x)  oh….quit messing around and do a real study! x(
  • Note: N/a :)

The Brutes


Day 07 - Ravin 4 Life with my Cap :D

Day 07 / Sep02, 2010

Todays piece I decided to get away from the comp and do some hand work :D The Lost City of Atlantis is just 2 days away (massive rave) and as always, I had to get my routine cap-art going :) A cookie 4 ya, if you can figure out what it says ;)

  • Title: Paintin up my Cap 4 Atlantis 2010
  • Time: 3 to 4 hrs
  • Lesson: Markers bleed, learn to get around this :(
  • Note: The taggin for this was inspired by this documentary I saw on the Art channel about graffiti artist who struggle to survive. Inspiring movie with gorgeous work every scene, literally.

Steven B Cap - Atlantis 2010


Day 08 - A Quicky, but a Sicky :D

Day 08 / Sep03, 2010

Today’s piece I had no time to waste, big day tomorrow, so I have to knock out early. This piece was inspired by a Japanese movie called “Ichi” . That movies too sick, blind + gorgeous + samurai chick = win :D .

  • Title: The Lost Samurai
  • Time: 30min - With the quickness ;)
  • Lesson: I can actually pull off a decent piece in 30 mins…is insane to me :P
  • Note: This piece was a quick messy splatter that trained my mind to work with ease and freedom. Beautiful, so much fun

Steven B - The Lost Samurai


I’ve fallen & I can’t get up :(

So i’ve fallen soooo behind on this art blog….just :( < sad face

that’s all I can say :( sad face…….BUT!…relax

I will be back TRUSSSSST <3


Art 09,10,11..12…..13……14….etc etc.. Catchin Up. You feel me :)

Art 10 / PlurLife <3

Spent some time throwing beautifying my PLURlife page x)

  • Title:  Rave Banner/ BackGround
  • Time:  1hr
  • Lesson:  Nothing Really
  • Note:  This was a Banner/BG for my PlurLife <3 Nuff Said

Painter Banner

Drawing Faded

Art 11 / Painter is my Name

I thought I spend a quick post explaining what I do at Raves :) well…as you may know already, I go by the raver name “Painter”. When i’m not rollin balls x) I smuggle in markers past security, (markers are a no-no at raves ) so that when I meet a new friend of someone interested, i’ll throw down a quick artpiece usually consisting of a rave name and a quick graphic of some sort. I’ve met some of the most amazing ppl(hottest chicks eva -_-) at raves with the crazist stories. So many memories <3. Raves are too down <3 straight out

  • Title:  Nocturnal 2010 Cap/
  • Time:  Hat - 3 - 5hrs /Rave Art 5 mins
  • Lesson:  Nothing. Raves are down <3
  • Note:  Experience a Rave.

Painted up for Nocturnal <3

Hard Summer Dude

Hot Nika

Art 12 / Pounding out that Free-Lance Work!

Finally killed off the 1st batch of my monster design project, only to prepare for the next batch :( Here we go again. I hope I don’t lag this time. This makes me think if I had a job in the industry, would I last a week if I take months just to produce a couple full colored work? scary :(

  • Title:  Monster Commissions
  • Time:  Too Many!
  • Lesson:  Learned some sick coloring techniques with these guys :D
  • Note: I’ma make shit happen with the 2nd batch, youll see!

Monster Comissission

Art 13 / Drugs is Bad

For this piece I really wanted to practice coloring. So I drew some random sketch and got to work. This Worm loves his Apples ;) . Very Fun piece to do, not done…..but will finish up soon in another post.

  • Title:  The Good Shit
  • Time:  2hrs i think?
  • Lesson:  Learning that good stuff ;)…coloring :)
  • Note:  I should really finish this soon before I lose interest!

The Good Shit

Art 14 / Present for my Tia <3

So my aunt asked me to draw her something so to show her my art skills? I asked her what she likes? her answe

"clowns…turtles….oh crosses, im a christian" :)

So with that, came this :P Still not done, workin. Though I kinda wanna make it more dynamic…I think I will. Expect it in the comin weeks lookin bomber!

  • Title:  Heavens Flight
  • Time:  2hrs I think?
  • Lesson:  Coloring/Motion
  • Note:  Make Turtle more ferocious! x)

Heavens Flight


Art 15 - ConceptArt SketchArt by me for me!

Oct 14, 2010

For today’s piece I’m posting a couple of concept art pieces I did for examples, at this game maker fourm I use. Simple random-ness, But fun non the less :)

  • Title:  A Ogre Vs The Medieval Gunner
  • Time:  5 sec xP nahh like 20 - 30 min
  • Lesson:  Practicing Following Requests
  • Note: Sketching is mad fun. So is steampunk shit

Ogre ConceptArt Sketch

Medieval Steampunk Gunner


Art 16 - Yes I sprite aswell…yes i know, im a beast x)

Oct 15, 2010

Todays post will be two 2d platformer sprites I did as free work for a game maker forum I use. No story or thought behind them, they kinda just formed themselves….and I went with it. xP It’s been a kool minute since I truly sprited, but its been mad fun getting back in to it. I seriously gotta do more of these little guys :P

  • Title:  Futuristic Sprites
  • Time:  Low key…they took a good couple of hours xP
  • Lesson:  Spriting, Saturation and Hues
  • Note: I’m still not satisfied, I wanna add more….but don’t wanna spend to much time on these little guys. 

Furistic Shooter DudeFuturistic Alien Dude